Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am going to skip right to the end of the Cat 3 Yellow race. I stayed near the front, I kept out of trouble through the graded sand pit sections, I made the splits. I kept air in my tires... everything was splendid. 
ksj photo (Meeting House Rd)
Mile 56: Entering Stage Rd, the last dirt climb, 1 guy took a flyer and got maybe 20 seconds. The group was going pretty slow at this point. I saw the "Red Barn" which is Newport's landmark to "If you are not in the top 15 you are screwed" I was 5th wheel. There were a few base attacked and I just sat and followed wheels making sure to not get gapped out. I stayed 5th or 6th up the climb. The flyer guy came right back on the climb and were racing to win again. 

There is always exactly 1 moment at Battenkill where I nearly die. This year it was at the very top of Stage Rd, right as the dirt ended. 2 riders crossed wheels in front of me, as I was surging to gain a spot or two before the descent. One went left directly in front of me. His bike spun like a top, and ran it over with my front wheel as I dabbed to stay up. The 8 man group went down (literally) to 6, and I had 30 ft to make up to get to the 3 leaders. 
17 mph with a foot in the dirt.
Here comes my excuse... in the crash my front wheel came way out of true from striking the bike and my brake twisted. I didnt realize this at the time... I chased for 10 minutes but could not get back 10 seconds to 1/2/3. 4th left us and I couldn't stick the wheel, leaving me and 6th to sprint. I beat 6th, and nearly caught 4th, but was not able to close it fully. I knew how hard I was going and well, it all makes sense after learned how messed up the bike was. Oh yes. My legs. Those were cooked too... 
Feeling a bit dizzy.
Battenkill is always fun for me for as its a bit of a spectacle. The race itself is interesting enough, but the entire town shuts down for this thing, and there are spectators out on the course and climbs. 

Its also a special race because I am related to a 3rd of a nearby town (Mechanicville) My Grandpa and various Aunts and cousins always come out to cheer and call me crazy. I think I had the loudest cheering section!

I crushed the chicken pot pie at the Cambridge Hotel and got sufficiently buzzed off a single beer. Thanks to Dave Pryor for handing me a beer every time I saw him this weekend. Thanks to Fred Brown for buying me some chocolate milk since I missed my own by a few seconds. Thanks to Laur and Emmy for the feeds. 

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