Monday, July 8, 2013

A String of Unfortunate Events

In this post I aim to detail out the chain of first world problems I have encountered over the last several days. Feel free to find humor in my misfortunes. 

The Weather. It has sucked. It rains literally everyday, exactly 5 minutes after I get off of work, no matter when I leave. Riding in the rain is ok, but riding in a thunderstorm is substantially less satisfying. Its also a great way to get run over. 

MASS GCC gets postponed. My favorite MASS mtb race, gets pushed back till 8/4, due to you guessed it, the rain. No pre nats tune up race. No confidence booster.

Chesco Road Race. I got number 13. I wore it upside down. I was pumped. I made it 4 laps (1/2 way) last year before getting dropped. Determined to finish the 92 mine race this year... especially since saving energy for GCC was not a factor, I was a bit dismayed when I found myself pushing 500w at 30mph when the rider in front of my was costing. I later heard my brake squeaking on a climb. "OMG I AM SO DUMB" I reached back and swatted at the brake to recenter it. Something still wasn't right. The race wasn't hard but I still was burying myself to stay on. Finally, I got dropped early in lap 2. My HR was 198. I stopped, stepped off the bike, and calmly reentered by break... only to find it was the only thing holding my rear wheel in place. The skewer had come undone somehow, likely by my own negligence... Relived I hadn't crashed myself our, but disappointed I was done. I soft pedaled back to the start to drop out. Riding was much easier without the wheel flopping around. 

Training ride after Chesco:  I went for a ride after the "race". Pulling out of my driveway I saw a car far in the distance. As I neared a stop sign, I saw a car in the oncoming lane. I sensed the other car behind me, not slowing down, at all. The car int he oncoming lane basically stopped and pulled over as the car behind buzzed me,  with 6 inches to spare, while I was a foot right of the white line, in the gutter. 
I pulled up next to her at a stop sign she was busy rolling through, she tried to ignore me but I knocked the window. She slowed and rolled it down which must have been tricky with with the dog on her lap. Here is the following conversation: 
Me: "Did you even see me?, What was that?"
Driver: " Yes I saw you and you were going TOO FAST"
Me: "Are you fucking kidding?"
Driver speeds away.

Training ride after that was uneventful... Silver lining: I made the front page of the local news with some friends.

NJ State Road Race. I went to support Lauren and feed for PB&Co. I also wanted to ride a little. I forgot all of my clothes. I had bibs and shoes though. I borrowed, after much wondering around, a helmet and a women's size small jersey. I looked fabulous. 

Bear Creek pre ride for Nationals. I am going to do my best not to rant... but I don't have fun here. I have documented it on this blog, quite a bit. Its the opposite of what I enjoy in MTB. There is no flow, the course is straight until a  90 to 180 degree turns, and a lot of the time it leaves me saying "Why am I doing this?" it takes an awful lot to get me to that point on a bike.
Then I found the drops. I simply couldn't ride them. It was embarrassing. My skills, I think most peoples skills can get you down the new, somewhat already eroded, man made rock drops... but my mind had checked out.  4 times I got to the edge and panic braked out. Stupid. I rode a mile long decent at TSE as steep as this. Couple more days to get my shit together. 

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