Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hitting the Low Low Switch. (Lower Providence)

That title reference really has nothing to do with racing a crit but this gif is amusing none the less.

It up and down motion of the car actually does have a lot to do with my race though. 35 laps of 4 turns. 140 right turns. 140 sprints. Some mini, most not. ½ over 700w (that’s a lot of watts). 35 laps of yo-yoing on the back. Crits are hard. 

Going Slow: PC: Douglas DiBella

Going Fast: PC: Douglas DiBella

Game Notes:
There were fast people who don't have cube jobs in the race.
We went fast.
2 people fell down. One left in the fun wagon. 
We got neutralized for 27 minutes.
We went fast again.
I didn't get dropped.
My finish place started with a 5.

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