Thursday, March 28, 2013

West Virginia Training Camp

"Four years, and seven inches ago..." No, no, that's not a opening line from the yet to be released adult movie entitled "Boinking Lincoln", its just some nonsense joke that we cracked on one of the countless climbs in WV. 

Ciclismo revisited Raw Talent Ranch for the 4th straight year. I had one real goal related to watts and stuff:
1) Go up hill quickly. I feel as though I did this. We tackled all 3 popular approaches to the barn, the front side, back side and dirt hell death side. Watts were measured. VAM was calculated. All is well.

My other goals related to having fun. I did a few things to accomplish this.
1) RAP VIDEO IN THE BACK. Most times when I finished a pull on stretch, I would rotate to the back and act like I was in a rap video. It looked like this a lot. To supplement this I also rapped on the climbs, mostly to annoy Joey. #messingwithjoey
Busta, Bust
2) Wheelies. Everywhere. Not really good ones though, pedaling reduces your ability to get rad.
3) Not dying on descents, but also not being a biggity bitch. 
4) Jumping over a bonfire (on foot). One rider did jump through the fire...
5) Eat Ice cream

I think I did all of those things and more.
Judge Rye Rd Photo Jay Moglia

Recovery Ride

Apple Orchard. Photo Jay Moglia


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