Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MAC Limestone Cross at The Kiln.

Last race of the year! After equally frustrating and unimpressive days at Kutztown (filed under pretending it didn't happen) Lauren and I aimed to end the season on a fun note. 

Define "fun". Well fun if you race cyclocross is 42 degrees and raining. Add in bikes with brakes that don't really do much and tires that are intentionally kept uselessly small and you get Sunday. Daylight savings has put us on the trainer after work instead of outdoors and fitness dwindles with the factor of mentally checking out. Long gone are the legs and violence of Nittany. 

Lauren really wanted to win a MAC race this year. The best she had done was a relatively close 2nd at HPCX. Simply put Lauren went out and did it. She rode smart and smooth, and for riding a cx bike maybe 3 times in mud ever, put in a very impressive ride. Riding in the mud is about minimizing mistakes and not putting it down on the ground, while focusing on where you can put power down. She did all that. It was a perfect ride. 

Photo PJ Freeman

Photo PJ Freeman

Photo Dennis Smith
I didn't take my own advice. So I'm going to write down some of the tips I ignored during my race. 
1) Wear your glasses. 10 seconds in a chunk of mud flew up and hit my right eye. It stayed there for the next 68 minutes. 
2) Keep pedaling even if you cant see. I went from first row to back row in the first minute. 
3) Look where you want to go, not where you don't want to go. If you stare at it, you will hit it. Even with one eye.
4) Don't use the front brake and turn at the same time. 

Photo PJ Freeman

Photo PJ Freeman
Number 4 is sort of important. On the last lap, with absolutely no one around me, holding down my office as the Mayor of No Man's Land and no reason to go fast I let a little more speed than normal go on slick grassy descent with a left at the bottom. I started to turn with a full blast front brake. A few summer salts later I came to a stop sort of half on my head and shoulders. Just in time for my still sliding bike to chop me in the knees. 
"Wow this grass is cold... Lets get up... Shit why am I dizzy...maybe just hang out here for another second."

And with that, The Lauren and Mike Take Back Cyclocross From the Hands of Elderly Cadillac Drivers Who Live In Mobile Homes World Tour (LAMTBCFTHOECDWLIMHWT) is complete. Thanks for following along.

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