Monday, November 5, 2012

Stoudts CX: The Return of The Javelin

Its a rare occasion when a bike race occurs on the actual grounds of a brewery. I think the main reason is because the risk of a riot after all beer is consumed is great. Fortunately it was way to cold to be riot weather.
It was good bike racing weather though. The problem with cycling attire is while somewhat comfortable while racing, its freezing when not racing, before or after. 

There were a lot of photographers out at this one, which is good, because it makes for good blogging. Blogs, about cycling exist for only a few reasons 1) Bragging about how many watts you put out. 2) Whining about how you didn't win. 3) Making fun of yourself. We're going route number 3 on this post.

Somewhere along the way I re-learned how to hold my bike bike a javelin. People noticed. Heckling ensued. Thanks guys, without your help I may have never realized the error of my ways. Rumor has it teammate, Craig has also been photographed doing the jav.
Photo: Broken Spoke Photography
Photo Joe Bacinski
Speaking of heckling. Here's a great shot of me exiting the heckle pit. My common heckles : Crap about my wheels (since they broke a few weeks ago) and crap about my brakes, because I used them in order to not crash into whatever was burning back there. 
Photo: Broken Spoke Photography

Great shot of Geronimo waiting for me to get out of the way.

Photo: Broken Spoke Photography
 Jamie Harris does not like his bike and tried to destroy it. Here is proof.
Photo: Broken Spoke Photography
The highlight of the day was the mudpit before the long long run up "Goat Hill". Goat hill did have goats. The mud/ goat poop at the bottom of the hill  was on the course. Delicious. 

The goat. Captured (on film) by Dennis Smith

Lauren had a good ride, placing 5th in the Elite women's field. Being from Florida, Lauren loathes the cold more than most, making her ride a bit more impressive. Here is Lauren deep in thought mid race. 

Instead of warming up for my race, I mostly sat in the car with the heat on getting out in various states of undress to cheer for Lauren. Apparently not warming up for your race works, as at the start of my race, I took the whole shot. What not warming up doesn't help with 2 laps later when you start to slow down. I back slid a bit, riding in and out of the payout, until finally I settled in 10th. I was able to fend off the bicycle therapy duo of Mike and Dan while bringing back Cole, ending up 9th. Safely out of the payout... Hard but fun racing. 
Photo Joe Bacinski

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