Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crossasaurus Awesome: Safely Out of the Money

"Promoter Legs". Steve, Craig and I all had them Saturday as we rode in the course. Steve and I spent 2 hours trying not to drive as fast as possible and not crash my R32 into the 8000 Penn State THON kids as we unsuccessfully looked for step in stakes (PRO TIP: They only stock step in stakes in the summer at Home Depot). Craig was stuck straw bossing the setup of the course. 

Sunday was some more work, then finally RACE TIME. 
Photo Myles Lund, or Myle's Mom, I don't know.
I started out pretty good. I set up for our newly added run/ride up/ mound of dirt. Right as I hit the base of it Patrick "YOLO" Bradley and another rider came around on opposite sides and then collided immediately in front of me. I don't think I violated the newly enforced "No Cursing at Crits in 2012" rule but I did express my frustration with both parties with a variety of rhetorical statements like "Really???". Much to the chagrin of everyone behind us that had to stop...life went on and we resumed racing. I was dangling onto the money when AGAIN Cole Oberman caught my group and caused a split. Leaving me on the "you're not getting anything" side of the payout. I still wanted to race though so I fought pretty hard not to get dropped by Mike Green and ProBikes guy whose name I don't know. Mikey Had a bit of a crash and we gapped him. With 2 to go I couldn't shake Pro bikes dude. 
Hilarity ensues. I lead him over the barriers. I had issues there 4 out of nine laps... dropped chain, bounced wheel on second barrier, missed pedals, clipped inside pedal on entry... well you get it, every mistake I could have made I made once. Including this one... I made it over clean, put the bike down for the remount, and was a little distracted as I felt him behind me and I didn't want to get tangled up or passed. I completely missed my saddle. I went straight into the back wheel, thigh first and fell on top of my bike. Silent, I got up, noticed slightly bent bars, but an otherwise functional bike. ONWARD!
Probikes dude must have had an issue or something because he didn't immediately take off and drop me. I found his wheel, and now fueled by massive amounts of post crash adrenalin, attacked a couple times and got away. All this to safely secure the patented "Mike Festa 2 places out of the money spot" This race, marks 3 in a row I have been safely 2 spots out of the payout. 
A wise man once told me chicks dig the hop. Always hop. Photo Myles again.
Lauren did about the same as me, also 2 out of the money... but with a little more back pain. Lauren doesn't take my path and whine about stuff on the internet though, so shes not totally a Festa. She did pretty well at Fair hill the day before, placing 3rd, but taking another Festa trait, getting beat in a sprint! 
Braids of Glory: Photo Anthony Skorochod

Sometimes when Lauren gets the holeshot she gets sleepy. Photo Dennis Smith.
And then there was the single speed race.
I didn't race, I prefer to watch and generally interfere with the event. The highlight for me was pushing Myles through the sand pit... on foot.
Here are Zach's higlights.

Watch more videos on CyclingDirt

Long live the Crossasaurus. 

Game Notes:
Newport borrowed the Camia/Festa pass around pit bike and placed 10th in the B race, in his first cx race. 
Selene dropped everyone.
Ali Flis flew in from Utah to do our race. Sort of.
Several roadies rode road bikes to the cx race to heckle. Next time bring bigger tires!
I managed to get made fun of for the javelin several times despite not actually doing the jav.

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