Thursday, October 25, 2012

West Chester CX Classic

It became apparent very early that the day was going to be an awesome day.
Lauren arrived home from a work induced euro trip the night before. Hopped on the trainer at 6pm and did some openers. I was fresh of a week of having to do all of the dishes, and sitting on the couch eating ice cream nightly.
Lets get right to it.

Lauren won.
Her rear tire had 13 psi in it (from the original 32) she started with. She crashed once I think. Other than that she lead from start to finish. Its her first cx win ever, and probably earned her an upgrade. Totes amaze balls.
Photo Dennis Smith
I did not win, but I did better than I thought I would. I got a great start position and didn't waste, it. I stuck the lead group of 5 on lap 1. The race was very tactical with long sections of headwind and pavement. I was doing my best to tailgun the group and not get eaten by the Dropamotomus.

Photo Dennis Smith
Then Steve went all yard sale on the uphill barriers when his pedal got stuck causing a little slow down. The chase group caught on a bit, so I did what I could to get Steve back in and right the ship. I didn't want anybody else to join us either, so I took a turn on the road where we were normally messing around and grew our gap a bit. While it didn't completely kill me, it did make me realize that I was eventually going to get dropped. Forest and I lost contact at about the same time and traded places until the last lap where I was able to get around him and hold 6th until the end. 

Steve finished 2nd taking a sprint over Zac "Im faster without my Amish beard" Adams. Much of this can be attributed to spending time with the roadies on Ciclismo and their constant heckling over his sprinting. In 2010 Steve and I were in a battle for the MAC overall. Steve has a slight lead on me and I needed to beat him the last 2 races in Long Island. The picture on the right shows how not to sprint. In the hoods, Straight up in the air, looking over. Steve won that day and the series, thankfully he also learned what the drops were for. 

Photo Dennis Smith and Marco Quezada

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