Wednesday, October 31, 2012


With the media quivering in anticipation of a Cat 1 hurricane, I tried to ignore the waves of inane social media posts about how everyone was going to die from the inevitable zombie apocalypse as there was cyclocross to be raced. Shit got real elsewhere, but not in Jamesburg, NJ.

UCI races are always an exercise in not getting lapped by somebody fast. To help with this you need an edge. That edge, rhyming couplets while warming up.

"Pit Bike, Shit Bike."
"First Lap, Worst Lap"
"Fast Lap, Crash Lap"
"Twelfth Lap, Shelf Lap"

You can see how this degraded quickly. Lebair was not pleased with my antics. 

While discussing warmups we came to the conclusion that today's really didn't matter as we would "Have to wait for them to sing the pledge of allegiance" -Craig Lebair

It must had worked, neither one of us got lapped despite our bikes best efforts to kill us. Both of us flatted to some degree, myself immediately after the pit, entering the long side of the course. Riding on a carbon rim with a front Challenge Fango at 0psi is kind of fun. The noise a carbon wheel makes when it slams into roots is kind of scary. Turning was also interesting. 

Lauren got second. Another girl named Lauren beat her, so I guess you could say Lauren won. Yeah. 
Lauren mean mugging everyone.

The best part, It didn't even rain. There are a limited amount of pictures as many of the photogs packed it up and headed for high ground when it started to mist, added to the fact that my wife was performing forced slave labor handing me slightly less broken bikes that the one I was currently using.

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