Friday, October 26, 2012

Get Your Shit Together Interwebs. WCCX Content.

At the time of posting, the results of the West Chester CX Classic have not been published on the internet, leaving racers too lazy/tired/drunk/busy being showered in cash/prizes to check the results sheets day of in hysterics. Privateers in every race are left wondering whether they finished 42nd or 43rd place. The humanity. Countless facebook and list serv resources have been squandered while dudes literally spend the entire workday stressing about where the CrossResults race predictor will score them this weekend.. The USAC webpage actually shut down from a denial of service attack (it was actually just 3 C racers hitting refresh 40000000 times on the results page). 

To make matters worse, all star photog Abe Landes failed to publish his pictures from the even until today. Excuses included buying a house and moving, and shooting that kid who sprints weird's and that chick my wife calls Jobin engagement shoot.  

One of the problems has been partially resolved mainly due to my relentless harassment of said photog. Here are pictures of me and my friends riding bikes. Get your shit together interwebs. 
I envision Abe's moving day looked a bit like this.
Lauren running.
Turning or remounting or getting yelled at
Geronimo getting heckled hard.
Check Abe's website for more pics. You know, like ones of you you likely care about.

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