Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MAC Charm City 1 & 2: Balti-less

I will admit I wasn't super stoked to go to this one. Mainly because in 2010 we shared our hotel with a very special motorcycle club. Mainly because its in Balti-less and you live in constant fear of your belongings begin stolen out of your parked car, like a few people had. Having said all that Druid Hill Park is a sweet place for a cx race, and C3 does an amazing job with the race. The course is a real cx course. It has some very cool features and has 3 or 4 dismounts depending on the race you are in. 

Lauren took advantage of her front row call up and found herself in 2nd for the early laps of the race. She muscled through the multiple dismounts and even rode the sand pit, which is a standard Festa nemesis. Lauren's family was there, and having never seen L do anything athletic in competition before it was pretty neat to see them watch her do this crazy sport. Lauren finished 4th on the day, and had to sprint for it. 
Lauren not crashing in sand. She's also in the big ring.
Nathalie (5th) and Lauren (4th) post Sprint
Lauren and Lindsay
Charm City Day 1 Podium
My race went pretty well. Despite the fact it was in the mid 80's by race time at Never O' Thirty, and having world cup racers in the front row. The laps were short and the pace was around 6 min for the course. Not getting pulled was going to be hard. I backslid a little bit, but was able to keep riding through groups. I never felt bad, I never bobbled. I crushed the stairs. What was the secret? There was a DJ dropping beats all day. The noise running up the stairs was deafening. It was a really good day on the bike. I ended up 24th, my best UCI finish, and  in the money. only 26 of the original 50 finished on the lead lap. Thanks Euros. 68 minute finish time...
Early on.
Retaining wall of back spasms.

Lauren must have given me water 4 x.
Women's 3/4: Lauren's back imploded. The multiple dismounts took their toll and put it a bit back from her Day 1 placing. She fought through it and was flying on the actual riding parts, and managed to hang on to 13th for the day, which keeps her in 5th, and in the front row for next weekend. There were some serious "pain faces" from L on this day. Shes tougher than I am, I would have quit then whined about it for the rest of the day. Lauren did fall down in the sand though, so uh if you have photo's of that, let me know.

In my race. Things got real rather early. The pace was just as fast as Saturday. I went backwards at the start, and wasn't able to recreate the same ride I had the day before. early on I was right off a group of 5 or 6, which would have put me in the 20's but I missed the train. 
Euros at the start. Me loitering in the background. Photo:#notcoolgorka
I settled in the 30's and raced those around me. Brett from C3 and I went back and forth, in mainly the same spots for the back 1/2 of the race. Craig had a great ride and was on my wheel for a bit. He finished on the lead lap for the first time in a UCI race. 33rd today and on the lead lap. Luckly today had the best pictures. it also had the most high fives, as I gave up some speed on the run up with 3 laps to go and started slinging.
Brett and I trading spots. Photo:#notcoolgorka
Craiger and I going for a nice jog. Photo:#notcoolgorka

In the end I was wrong and will from here on out, stoked to go to Charm City.

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