Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rattlin' Creek 50

You should probably do this race next year. The course consisted of some of the most fun I have had on rocks, maybe ever. The trails have a flow to them, and although there are elevation changes, its an entirely different experience from the stuff you would see at Bear Creek. Most of the race is on ridge, so you are either going up at 2 or 3% or down the same slight grade. This makes for constant speed where you can actually pedal through the descents. Don't worry though,there are some steep sections on either side of the equation to make things more interesting. 
Ordons, and Lebair rode with me the entire time. We treated it as TSE duo class training, with the goal of getting a long ride in before cx. After the ridiculous mostly all singletrack course was over, we hung out in a creek to cool off, and then were treated to a beer and dinner (paid for by the race) at Kevin's Place. A great race in a sweet little town with some nice folks. 
Watch this video for a sample of the trails.

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