Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Sidelines

Sunday marked the first for Lauren and I. She raced, I did not. 

I have never gone to a race to purely support Lauren. its no that I am adverse to helping Lauren, the opposite would be true. Its simply the case that we are both racing or she'll generously tag along to hand up bottles and deal with me. Sunday presented a unique opportunity as it was the New Jersey State Road Race. Lauren's PB&co team had a few riders capable of winning the race and the out of state girls were permitted to also race, unlike the men's race. I must say it was pretty refreshing. I went for a short, easy ride and got back just in time to pass Lauren up a bottle.

I hung out and watched a bunch of guys try in vein to fix a quad that had not run in "several years".
The race itself was pretty fun. Lauren's teammate Victoria got in a break with one other rider with maybe 30 miles to go. She stuck the move and beat the other rider in the sprint, taking the NJ State Championship.
Lauren did her job by covering attacks and making sure Vickie stayed away, The peleton split somewhere towards the end of lap two, and Laur made the front group. From there another one of her teammates left the group and took 3rd. Lauren sprinted to take 6th. I pretty happy to see her up in the front, where she left off prior to August. Its fun to see her succeed along with her friends and teammates. That's why we do this after all: fun.

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