Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to get dropped at the Chesco Road Race, How to get paid at MASS Summer Sizzler at GCC, How to get caught at JBN Bicycle Race

ChesCo RR. P1/2:
Mainly filing the ChesCo road race under "pretending it didn't happen" (PIDH) but there was one bright spot. Throwing up a wheelie in the feed zone yelling "MERICA" (it was July 4th after all) while dropping out after 4 laps. The low spot was realizing the pavement underneath me was melting in spots on the Africa hot 100 degree day. 
PRO Tip: When you drop out of the race, drop out with a friend.
Photo : Julie Elliott

Photo : Julie Elliott

MASS Summer Sizzler at GCC Elite Race. 
My favorite MASS series race. Why? Because I can turn, and there are no rocks. The promoter shortened our race by a lap, which with the intention of being a nice and or smart thing to do really just made lap 1 as violent as a episode of Lockup. I think I actually got shanked by a tree at one point. The first lap was so dusty I think I also got the black lung. We whizzed around for 3 laps, and I finished up 6th. 6th ties my best ever MASS finish (also at GCC in 2010), so that was a nice result after not having a very good race at Neshaminy. Also filed under PIDH.

JBN Bicycle Race. a 2/3 race.
What a day. Very hard first 10 to 20 minutes. I spent most of the day on break patrol covering a couple moves. Finally got in a move with 7 (1.2 mile laps) to go with 3 guys that actually looked good. We lost 1 guy a long the way, and then I got gapped a bit as Jimmy (QCW) attacked as we were nearly caught with 1.5 to go. Craig did his weave through traffic thing and ended up 6th in the field sprint. We then went to Wegmans and drank all of Craig's race winnings away. Tangent. What the hell is with all the yelling? Every time a move (even the not that scary ones) jumped half the field was yelling like a Vietnam battle field. Also I think the heat made some people extra surly.

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