Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crits on Crits on Jersey

Saturday, Tour de Medford:

A way cooler race than that other tour going on in France right now. Downtown 3 corner crit with one sweeper. Upper 90's temps.
Craig and I lined up for the race. I made an early move that stayed out for a handful of laps before being bridged to by a few guys and ultimately brought back. The only good that came out of it is the move made the cover of the local paper. Marvel at my arm and helmet:
The very next move after the break was the winning move, which lapped us. Awesome. 
The peloton never settled in, there were a lot of attacks, which were covered and then the group would sit up, rest, and the rocket again. The money went 10 deep and we knew Craig had a shot at the field sprint. Initially when we were lapped the guys from the break tried to ride right through us. This caused a bit of confusion and almost caught Craig and I out. I pulled us back into the group. Craiger did his thing and (this is confusing) there were 9 guys ahead us. Long story short, Craig does great in the overall "field" sprint but one guy from the field beats him, putting him in 11th, one out of the money. I rolled in 16th. Half the field doesn't finish. Awesome course and a fun day.

Sunday, Course de Evesham -Marlton -Evesham (Otherwise known as Greentree part 2):

Lauren gets 5th in her race, from a field sprint. The bar had been set. I had to get 5th or better. 

 Here's a video:

100 Degrees. They knocked a few laps off our race I think it was 28 miles? I'm still confused so I apologize if this thing reads like a map of Pangaea. 
Some crazy NJ state TT champ dude attacks at turn 1. I got yelled at  for not covering the guy doing 35 mph. Cool.
Craig and I: Photo Ron Short
Fast couple of laps and a break develops of 4 riders that I promptly get dropped out of after a lap. It turns out to be the winning move. Go me. Leaving Craig and I in the field with Heart House blocking for their rider in the break. There are numerous attacks and bridge attempts, ect, but nothing is going anywhere. Attacking seemed to raise the temp to 200 degrees. Craig did a lot of work and we both stayed active trying to make sure we were in the right side of any splits. With 5 to people start leaping from the peloton. First Calvin Hoops from Shirks, then Dave Casale (TSV) and Patick Bradley (Heart House), then a Caffeinated Cyclist rider. Right after the CC guy goes, I get a chance a take a shot. 
Happily Craig, TSV, and Heart House shut down any other jumps from the field. in a 1/2 lap I catch Caffeine dude. He's in a spot of bother, try to get him to come with me. We do 8 minutes at threshold. I attack him with 600m to go and take 8th. A stranded Craig did what he could do in the field sprint and took 16th. 1/4 of the field doesn't finish. 

Sometimes when I get hot I bunny hop things. 

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