Friday, June 29, 2012

Neshaminy MASS

Scene: Warming up for the Elite race, I roll up behind my wife, finishing her first lap. She's riding a somewhat technical section of the course, getting ready to complete the lap and head through the feed zone. Several Sport riders from the races that started before her have caught her and are making passes while they finish their lap. 

Me: "Honey, its just me dont worry" from 50 ft back.
Lauren doesn't hear any of this... at least not the exact words.
Lauren inner monologue: "oh no, another one of these guys making a sketchy pass. Oh shoot I'm in a bad line. Uh oh rocks. " too much front brake...
Over the bars. On to back. head first down hill. Tire burps some air on the way down.
Me: "Crap"
Lauren: "I'm Ok, I'm Ok"... visibly not ok. "I hit my head"

I stop and assess the damage. Lauren looks sort alright, no big gashes, but some scrapes. Bike is functional, front tire needs some air. 
Me: "Lauren, Get your self together, take a second, I'll inflate your tire."
Lauren:  "NO NO! I have to do it... they will DQ me!"
Me: :"Laur, sit down, nobody is going to DQ you.

I fix the tire, she gets back on and starts riding. I follow as I have to keep warming up for my own race. Lauren isn't happy. I'm getting yelled at, a lot. Its not good. I end up riding ahead and get out to the feed zone. I grab a bottle and wait for her. 
Silent, off she goes back into the woods. 

I roll up behind her again continuing on my warmup. Shes like a new person. Totally happy, content with just riding at a safe limit now, and enjoying the time on her bike, 
She finished... her first XC distance mtb race, looking good while doing it.

This is the saddest person to to ever get an envelope of cash.

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