Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TSE Prep

The Trans-Slyvania Mountain Bike Epic kicks off its 3rd edition this Sunday. I have been pretty quiet about it on here, but not for good reason... I intentionally stepped away from road racing for a bit (unlike last year) After getting kicked around on the rocks at French Creek, and making a trip out to Dirt Fest to relearn how to ride at Raystown Lake. The prep had been going well, and I am excited to do the race as ever. I must admit some redemption from last years back induced DNF is on the checklist.

This year I will be racing the duo class with no other than Craig Lebair. 
The last time Craig and I raced a Duo.
Craig and I ride pretty well together and I'm really looking forward to the week.

I'm also looking forward to helping out with some of the media. I'll be posting updates on the TSEpic Site daily during the race, and also posting some race stuff for Liberty Sports Mag. Look for lots of redirecting here. 

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dougyfresh said...

awesome hearing you giving it another go.

ride well. have fun out there!