Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BLP 2209 Grand Prix

While not my first time in the P/1/2/3 rodeo, it was my first time having not raced a Cat 3 race earlier in the day. My main goal was to support Craig and help him contest the field sprint I was sure would occur. Well that didn't happen. 

I was told (maybe half seriously) by this crazy triathlete that also races road bikes (*cough* Egan *cough*) That 1's and 2's animate the race. Now that I was a Cat 2, he expected such of me. 
Attacking started on Lap 1. The move looked like it was a bit or a threat, all be it early and I bridged up to it with a few others.

First thought: What the hell and I doing getting in a break in an elite race with 33 laps left?

Second thought: My legs don't really hurt yet... weird. Awesome.
Third thought: Oh shit everyone else thinks this is dumb too because they all sat up. Back to the bunch.
14 laps in a small move got clear. I had just come back from covering something but I was in position to hop on the bridge attempt. Over the bridge I went and into the 10 man break. 20 laps to go.
I made it a point not to look at the lap cards for a while, but occasional glances back seemed to show a pretty decent gap. I was still a bit in disbelief.

The the time gaps started coming in. "27 seconds". Wow this might work. Soon we were over 30 seconds. then 41. then the biggest I heard was 50 seconds. With 7 to go I finally felt like we had it. The break was still working together, although we had 3 or 4 guys who were not pulling at all. Nobody attacked until 2 to go and it was shut down. Across the line for the bell lap another jump went. I was able to make it across, but we sat up and the 4 other guys were able to catch back on. A 10 man sprint was inevitable. I took the first shot, and launched from 4th wheel on the inside of the winding uphill finish stretch. I pulled even with 1st wheel when 2 guys came over the top of me and pushed me over a bit into the gutter. I had to check up for a second before sprinting again. I crossed over the line in 5th place. 5th, in my first fully committed P/1/2/3. I was partially surprised, partially relieved, and partially stoked out of my mind. 

Lauren Festa Content: Lauren made the split in her race, attacked the heck out of it, and her team won the race. And then she went home and put a bone simulator on her back to heal it. Yes its still broken. HTFU points acquired. 


Marten said...

First, kudos to Lauren for not just racing, but going in and racing with panache! Second, congrats on the Cat 2 upgrade. Third, that's an awesome result! Seriously impressive.

Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

that's rad.