Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lower Providence

1) Why is it 49 degrees and rain? This is the coldest ride outside I have done since... well that one week it was cold last winter. It was close to 80 on Saturday's ride.
2) Would eating embro keep me warm? I used embro on my legs. I think I needed to eat it as my core was cold.
3) Why don't my brakes work?
4) Why is my HR 30 beats too low right now?
5) Why wont this break stick?
6) Why is my wife at the front?

1) Because it is spring. This is what happens in spring. HTFU and go race.
2) After the race I might have been that desperate to have actually, for a second, thought of this. I wised up and tried to eat/drink a banana, mini coke, and beer at the same time. Much coke was spilled on my shoe.
3) Because you chose to run carbon wheels in the rain.
4) Your HR is low because you are cold. You are cold because you under dressed. When you think you are overdressed for 49 degree rain, you are not. It doesn't matter that you have on.
5) Because you are freezing. It feels hard, but it isnt.
6) Said as I sat in a care shaking violently, spilling more mini coke. The answer was "Why wouldnt she be at the front"

Lauren wore like 6 layers. I wore considerably less. Lauren smart, Michael not smart.
The back of a race in the rain is a scary place.
Lower Providence ends for me like it has the last two years. Sitting up, talking to teammates. 
Lower Providence ends for Lauren like it has the last 2 years. Sprinting.
Bob Wellmon stand out in the rain for you and takes photos of you looking fast. Go look.
Cross racers warming up.
Womens field. Lauren present.
Wasting energy

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