Monday, January 2, 2012

Year In Pictures

I saw this idea here and had to do it. I take a lot of pictures with my phone and thought it would be interesting to let them tell the story of my 2011.
12/28/10... so technically not 2011, but it snowed in VA for xmass. I had only my road bike... oops.

1/30/11 When will snow ever stop!?

2/6/11. The longest 4 hour ride ever. 17 flats. I chose the route. Everyone hates me.  I did not flat, FYI.
3/7/11. 2 yrs of marriage with Lauren. Her gift: I ripped up the kitchen floor.

3/24/11. No job and lots of crappy weather meant many hours staring at my fan. 

4/11/11 Team Issued Bike. CAAD 10.

4/23/11 Some Lancaster road race. Newport and I have certainly been more clean.

5/15/11 101.4 miles. The most I have ever done in one shot believe it or not. 6 days later I would do 138.

5/20/11. PURPLE. The first of many

5/30/11 Spotted a Geo Metro Ferrari, son. Stop Hatin'

6/05/11 Dead pigs on Lemon Hill

6/5/11 Mark Flis tags Steve Ordons.

7/9/11 Iron Hill Twilight Crit. 

8/5/11 Tour of the Catskills... this was in my closet.

8/17/11 The joys of employment

8/20/11 The last time I would see my wife on a bike for several months. 

8/29/11 Ways to pass the time with broken bones.

9/3/11 Visiting the accident site. We landed behind where the car is parked. 
9/7/11 I got screwed.

9/11/11 Going Home.

11/13/11. Sun setting on Crossasaurus CX. 
11/22/11 VA 2 months later. Still 'MERICA.

11/26/11. She finally caved. My mother inlaw  KILLING DEER DEAD.

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