Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PA State CX Championships at The Phelps School

I have not been training for cross. I have not really even been "training" with structure yet. Ask me the last time I did a sub max interval and I would say before the Tour of The Catskills. The rides I did in Virginia had a peak 60 minute and a peak 2 minute that were within 40 watts of another. Zone 2 is your friend.  All that aside I think I pulled a pretty decent race out of my 'hind near parts' Sunday. 
20 of us set out on maybe the course I hated more than any other course ever warming up. That's probably not the courses fault as it is me forgetting what the hell I was doing. I got a terrible terrible start. Like nearly tail-gunning. I went into the red a lot the first lap to try and move up a bit, and found myself hanging on for dear life behind the Bicycle Therapy train of death and destruction. I got dropped, I caught back up, I got dropped, I clawed back up... I made a sweet pass over the jump and slid throw a turn, but then almost blew up.

I was finding some fun on the course. There were some pretty well thought out turns and some tricky off cambers. There was even a run up where I got to practice my weird bike holding skills.

About mid way I found myself co-piloting the group with Mr. Mike Green. We worked pretty well together, then a funny thing happened: We started catching people. Marten Beels was the last to be reeled in. I felt great with 2 to go so I started putting in the moves there. As gassed as I was everything felt in place. 

I ended up 8th. I was pretty happy with that. Teammate Geronimo went on to win the day, taking the State championship. Old rival Gerry was 2nd, which is a great ride for him as he captured the series from my Teammate Erik Mitchell. 

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Marten said...

Good race Mike, even without the training, seems like you had power and fitness out there. Didn't need that front row spot after all, more then made up for on the last 2 laps.