Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bilenky Junkyard CX

Screw Louisville. The 2013 Worlds should be held in the junkyard on N 2nd St. No, before you cast my statement aside as outlandish, imagine for a second how much fun those poor interval crushing, watt measuring, salad eating, espresso sipping, faux hawk rockin, euros would have riding around a junkyard. Yes, I realize I do some of those things I just described, but that's the point. Stay with me...

Often times we as cyclists find ourselves "burning out". At my level of the sport I feel its really really hard to actually over train. Life simply limits your volume enough that you'll be ok. It is entirely possible to mentally burn out however. Doing interval set after set on the same roads or worse inside grows more and more taxing on the mind as the season progresses. 

Riding around in a junkyard fixes the problems outlined above. I ride bikes for fun. No matter how PRO I try to pretend I am, or how seriously I take a Cat 3 crit where I have the chance to win $45, I do this for fun. Thanks Mom and Dad for blessing me with 75% of the genetic gift needed to do this for a living...

Back to the junkyard. There were blown out cars, there we mattresses, there was a panel van you had to run through, There were loud noises and lots of people banging on things. As insane as that all sounds and how far away from a "bike race" as it sounds, it shared many of the elements that make great events. Huge crowds, loud cheers, excitement from the course, beer,  good competition. Somebody threw leaves at me as I ran through a Craig Lebair deep leaf pile. Every single second of the ten laps I spent trying not to get tetanus was amazing. This, is why I race bikes.

Game Notes: 
- I wore a scarf and my skinsuit per Geronimo's request.
- Somebody gave me a beer at the start. 
- I navigated obstacles such as panel van dismount, leaf pile, 6 mattresses you had to ride over, lots of hipsters. 
- I chased Harlan Price most of the race, he rode over a car like 6 times, making me look as far from Rad as possible. 
- I briefly took 2nd place when Harlan circled back to re ride over the car he had failed to ride over.

I finished 3rd in the "A" Race, I did not die, get tetanus, super AIDS, or high off the second hand "smoke". I did get air, and smile a lot. That's really the point
Photo: Pat Engleman

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