Monday, November 14, 2011

Crossasurus Awesome

Once a year the Crossasurus comes out to do his business. He dines upon the finest gels and nutritional supplements topping off his glycogen stores. He hydrates (with water not PBR) He wears compression socks. He takes naps. He races hard. 
But the downfall of the Crossasaurus, is that hes really a raging alcoholic with a bike racing problem. 
To all of you who came out to race, drink, cheer, heckle, or simply gawk at the on goings. I personally thank you for making my day really really awesome. 
As you know there was that little thing that happened to me in August. I have not raced a bike (nor been allowed to fall off a bike) since then. Friday I finally reached the point where my doctor of legs and arms and stuff was confident enough with how my humerus was healing to allow me to race. Instant excitement spike with horror. I lost a great deal of fitness after the injury, however the nice thing about cross is that its fun even at 3/4 throttle.
I did learn it hurts the same though. 
Game notes:
I crashed riding to the pit to drop off my wheels... on asphalt. 
I rode the sand pit like a boss. Most of the time... as seen here
I went EXTREME... as seen here
I remembered how to run although I still look funny doing it. as seen here.
and I lost a mustache competition even though my wife was 1/3 of the judges panel. 
Photo: M. Kremer
Most importantly I spent the day with some really good people. Thanks again to all that partook. 

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Marten said...

Good to see you out racing again, you can just say you were like Trebon: