Monday, July 25, 2011

Liberty Criterium

Our Race. We promote this one I am proud to say. Held at the NASCAR wide and technically lacking super speedway that is Great Valley. We had amazing support form our sponsors this year. Cadence came through huge, offering bike fits, LT Tests, and Merch. Best of all they had Olympic medalist, Brian Walton follow around the women's 4 race and offer advice post race. Captain Lawrence offered bottles of DIPA and Saison up for grabs. KImberton Whole Foods came through. We had bottles of wine as premes. White Dog Cafe and the Moshulu offered gift cards. Honey Stinger send bars, gels, and chews. I'm sure I am forgetting somebody. Oh Gorka. Gorka got the bagels. Finally. We had Joe Jefferson on theme mic all day, making fun of me as much as he could. 

The 3/4 Race went ok. 60 something starters! Long story short... We went fast... I got in a break with Newport, Wes, Manny, Calvin, Brian and somebody else I am forgetting. These are fast dudes. The move got a good gap, but it wasn't meant to be on this break un-friendly course, we came back after 4 laps. 

Setting up for the sprint we messed up a little. A number of us got stuck a bit unable to move out of the pack. Our sprinters got swarmed and trapped. Eric got in the next move and I thought he had it locked. He fell just a little short and couldn't finish it off. So close and a huge effort on his part.
 By the time I could break out there was only 600 or so yard to go. I launched to the outside and went for broke. I knew I would be caught, but I figured it could free things up a bit for my guys. 
As I sprinted towards the line, I felt the rush go by, trying to stay as straight as possible. 9 people came around, one of them Newport. 
Newport, myself, Wes and Lavelle finished 8th, 10th, 11th, and 12th respectively. My other teammates working well where and when they were needed. 

After the race a number of us, who may or may not have already started drinking, decided to double up and do the P/1/2/3, After much peer pressure from my teammates. It was a front row seat to a pretty decent race. I saw at a break (with Geronimo, Shane from Bissell, and some other fast guys) hopped up the road. The max advantage grew to about 50 seconds when QCW chased for a bit but burned off most of their guys in the process. The break was down to 10 to 15 seconds and well withing sight with 3 to go. 3 guys bridged up to the break and Shane from Bissell ended up taking the win. 
Game Notes:
Everyone Like Arthur Gorka's Facebook Page Just do it. Don't ask why. 
Greg Camia survived yet another Cat 5 race. Then he survived his best attempt at alcohol induced dehydration. 
Pedalyte (purple) trumps all other fluids.
Joe Jefferson publicly proclaimed Lauren "The Heart Rate Testa" Festa was the better athlete in my marriage. He was right. I have no rebuttal. (Lauren took 10th in a tough P/1/2/3 race.)
Jamie Harris knows how to run a race.
Darrin took 4th (AGAIN) in the cat 4 race.
We had one bad accident in the 4 race but the rider is ok. (He came back after the hospital trip to look for his shoes!)

Thank you to all that came out and supported the race, I hope you had a great time.


Paul H said...

Great race you guys put on. Too bad someone slammed on the brakes at the last turn (I too got pinched in). Where did you get the photos. That's a good one of the finish.
Oh, and thanks for the beer.

Mike said...

Paul, Glad you had a good time at the race. Here are the two photogs I know of that shot the race:
Bob Wellmon