Monday, June 27, 2011

Brownstown and Emrick Blvd

Newport and I headed to Amish Land for the "Buttersworth Super Championship Series of the 42 dollar Entry Fee World Championship Road Race." And or Brownstown Road Race.
Photo Julie Elliot
It was really just a 35 mile, 7 lap race across some light rolling terrain with a slight uphill finish with 51 Starters. There was some wind. (PRO tangent. Newport and I successfully formed and echelon within the bunch. So PRO)
We looked for breaks, but the wind and relative slow pace of the first few laps kept everything together. On lap 4 of 7 I started a move that stayed out for a whopping 7 minutes with one other rider. Every other move lasted about as long as I can tolerate a Lady Gaga song, which is not very long. 
Photo Julie Elliot
After that move Newport and I stopped trying to attack, the pace was way too slow for anything to really stick, we decided to just be mindful and remain lingering around the front. We took turns covering little attacks and set up for the field sprint. 
We both had great position going into the final 1k. I attacked from 8th or 9th wheel at the base of the hill. I moved up to about 3rd and slotted in to two other Thru It All guys who were leading. The sprint started and one of the Thru It All guys chain broke while he was in front of me. He stayed up, I bunny hopped his chain, and kept kicking. I was even with the RTR rider for second place but he surged one last time and pulled away a bit.  The sprint ended up being over 40 seconds long, which is, well rather ridiculous.. Newport stayed with it and ended up 12th.
Photo Julie Elliot

Photo Julie Elliot

You can read my wife’s account of the race over here: Pallas Athene. She once again did better than I did.

The next day we headed to the flat and wide open office park spectacle that is Emrick Blvd.
I liked it as crit courses go. 2 wide open 90 degree tuns, 2 sweepers and one small rise. This was a 2/3 race, so we got to race with our cat 2 extraordinaire, Craig "They're After Me Lucky Charms" Lebair. Again, Newport was there to round out our showing.

My job was to cover things. I covered as much as humanly possible. I say this because I was feeling very "human" After working a bit too hard a keep everything covered. My teammates, including Craig "I suck wheels" Lebair took turns trying to be on the right side of the splits. Finally, Newport makes the lead selection. I stayed with Craig and hoped Chris could stick the move. A few laps later I saw the last thing I wanted to see, a rider in a black kit with a bright orange Captain Lawrence logo on his back coming back to the group. Chris, as well as a few others got popped out of the move. Craig followed the next split and got in chase group 1. I missed it and was stuck in the 3rd group. It looked as though Chase 1 was getting very close to the leaders. Gerry "I drink all of your beer" Adasavage jumped out of the group and I figured that was my ticket up to Craig "Frodo" Lebair. 
Over the next 4 laps Gerry "Ice Cream" Adasavage and I took turns pulling, almost quitting, and then finally, catching the chase group, where Craig "I through gang signs at officials" Lebair was.
I took a minute to sort out my life and then went back to work. The race was pretty much over, all of the money and all of the points were up the road. Craig took the opportunity to bet that we (Ciclismo) could beat Bicycle Therapy (Gerry and Mike) in the sprint. Craig pretty much stopped the race to make the negotiation and set the terms of "loser buys beer at wegmans". Craig, without any help my my sorry ass, took the sprint and earned himself exactly 1 Victory Prima Pils.
I haven't been very geeky in a while. so here is the section of the power file from the bridge.

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