Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching up. Turkey Hill and Smoketown, followed by some Rapha Gentleman's Race Preview

Turkey Hill:
Didn't go so well. Race summary in a paragraph:
Race went off. Race wasn't very fast. Gamber Wall was really a 30 second sprint. Break of 2 gets away. Bridge attempts squashed by Shirks Racing Team. Attack 3 times a lap out of spite. Break crashes eachother out. Field Clueless. Another break gets away. Miss break because you have attacked 53323 times in the last 2 laps. QCW/Breakaway rider sprints... for the bell lap, everyone laughs. Attack in final k for spring. Die 1000 deaths. 38th. Ate generously supplied hot dogs and ice cream from Turkey Hill. 
Lauren gets thirsty when she races bikes. She also gets 11 in the 3/4 race despite mid race asthma attacks. 
Smoketown: More brief reports... This race is held on an airport this is a unique venue. Rain added to the um, uniqueness of the race. Not only have I never ridden a bike on an airport runway but I have never done it in the company of 60 other guys in the pouring rain. 
Additionally I have never been so on the rivet for the first 15 minutes of a race. I though about quitting. A lot. my legs felt as though they had bricks in them. The break went away and I was left in the bunch. guys were getting dropped. With 8 to go the lights came back on and I suddenly had legs again. I moved up, and got ready to do, well anything. I moved up to help Jamie who had been killing it all race, but he was busy at the front killing it, reeling back a move in hopes Chris or I would be able to do something. Anything. With 3 to go, i saw a move develop and jumped on a wheel and got a ride up to it. We got clear and started the rotation. A lap went buy and we were still away. This had a shot. As we hit the bell lap things cam unhitched. The bunch was approaching fast and we were reeled in right before the last turn. Blown, I sat up and skated around the 180 turn one last time.

Lauren killed it. She raced the womens open and took 7th in a field sprint. She beat riders several levels above her. She hung on when it got strung out and knew how to position herself for the turns. Bananas.

Rapha: Philadelphia Ciclismo, armed with new kits... will be racing the Rapha Gentleman's Race this weekend. The invite only shindig is 134 miles of Lehigh Valley's best riding. 134 is really effing far, so to "practice" we did a 'gentle' 101 miles this weekend. I learned how to bonk again, twice actually. It was a good time. Despite some rain, some flats, some more flats. we all made it through. Most importantly I beat both Darrin Miskiewicz and Craig Lebair to the Phoenixville town line. WHAT. Darrin is pictured below with more cash than I have won all year from a single race.

Look for the Rapha death march Race Report next week. 

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