Monday, April 18, 2011

Lower Providence Criterium

Lauren toed the line in the Women’s 4 race, where she had high hopes for a good finish to her first criterium of the season. There were 25 women registers for a short but rapid 15 lap race. Confident in her sprint Lauren lurked near and around the front of the race. No attacks really stuck, and entering the final lap, Lauren held her position despite others best efforts to bump her around.

Into the last corner, two riders launched their sprints. Lauren was able to find their wheels and overtake them as she began her sprint. At the line she implemented a fantastic bike throw (next level race winning maneuver) and took the victory by wheel.
It was close enough that the officials had to consult the finish video, but Lauren was confirmed the winner.  Lauren has never won anything. Ever. More importantly a Festa won a field sprint. Maybe she can show me how to do it.

I once again had the intention of doing the 3/4 race and the p/1/2/3 race. The curse of being a cat 3 means you can ‘double up’ and race more than once.  Joy.
The 3/4 went pretty well. As far as crits go it was hard. The 20mph winds made things difficult for everyone. An early break included my teammate Dan, but disintegrated when 2 guys on the same team attacked the break and when up the road on their own. With 7 or so laps remaining we finally caught them. A series of counters went off, one of mine included but nothing stuck. 
Field Sprint time. The wind made it tough to keep position.  With 2 to go I was swamped and slipped back a bit. I saw Wes trying to find his way up front, I surged up to grab him. After the 3rd frantic “WWWEEEEAAAAASSSSSS” He heard me and realized I would give him a ride to the front. I dropped him off and began my fall to the back. While sitting in trying to maintain some decent position the pack got sketchier and sketchier. I knew the crash was coming about 5 seconds before the bodies hit the deck. When you see bodies moving left and right at them same time, and then see something pointing backwards, it is typically not good.
I made it through clean despite having to weave through some bikes, people running with bikes, and rolling bodies.

Michael A Apiece Photo
I liken the p/1/2/3 as a boxing match. This is not my analogy but its the best description. From early on I got back row seats to watch the heavy hitters throw punches. Eventually I was gapped for the last time and lost contact after not so many laps. The next level is a tough one.  


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