Friday, March 18, 2011

Ris Van Bethel

This will be quick but chock full of totally PRO excuses reasons for why I didn't win. Some of the reasons may actually be partially true. 
Bethel is a cool course to have a crit. It's a lot like Great Valley, home of the greatest crit in the world the mighty Liberty Criterium put on by my team, but the finish is on a hill. 
Long story short here. Chris and I had a pretty decent plan laid out that played our strengths. Everything was going well until 5 guys rolled off the front. Unlike the previous 15 break attempts, this one actually stuck, until the base of the hill on the bell lap. I couldn't string it out like I wanted bu jumping, Chris left a bit two early, and we went from having some points on our upgrade cards to soft pedaling up the final sprint because we knew we had screwed it up.
Some early season reminders and observations for those I raced with in the 3/4.
1) Men should never wear 1/2 shorts when racing bicycles. Go buy some bibs, so we don't have to stare at your lower back/ ass. You have to be cold too...
2) When passing a rider, please do not hit his bars. Kind of obvious, but when coming around the rider at the front of the line, you should be able to complete this maneuver without hitting him.
3) For guys who have had snow on the ground until about 3 days before this race, you're moving pretty fast. What gives?
20 minutes later we lined up for the 1/2/3, I surfed for 41 laps and just tried to hang on. A group including a Kenda Pro Lapped the field and we were all racing for 8th. Chris ended up sprinting and took 14th overall. I coasted in, pleased with my workout for the day.

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Sean said...

Great pics. Glad you were not wearing 1/2 shorts for many reasons.