Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Training

This winter has had a nasty cadence. Perhaps this is Mother Nature's way of evening the score for all of the beyond gorgeous days we were gifted during cyclocross season. Then, we were graced with mid week rain that morphed race courses to super highways laced with ample amounts of speed and grip. 
Conversely, snow, or worse ice mid week for the last few weeks has not helped out the cause for weekend outdoor riding. Forced to take to the trainer or rollers takes a mental toll when done five times or more weekly all while listening to the weather man take his best sensationalized guess at what to expect. Will it be a "Pounding"? "Slammed"? I loathe these words. Perhaps some play on words with the word snow and a adjective for the end of the world?

We think of this:
While we stare at this:
Or better, while we brave this:
Laying down the foundation through miles and hours of silence, the relentless tug of base miles at our legs. Constant and unwavering we push through winter's hold on the mid atlantic, for we know, a mere 6 weeks from now we will be toeing starting lines at the early season races. What seems like an eternity will be here before we know it.

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