Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mice and Men.

I should preface this with the fact that I do not read a lot of books. I did read this one though, in 8th grade. There was some stuff about living off the fat of the land, and foreshadowing when a old dog gets put down. Most importantly there is a part about good plans going awry. 
Monday we had a 5 hour team ride planned. It was 25 degrees and overcast. There was a Pagoda involved. 

Early on a teammate was having some difficulties, most likely from a "brick" of mtb at the wiss in the snow, and a couple hours of indoor soccer at night. I dropped back on a climb to help him out. Riding beside him on the climb my foot suddenly popped off the pedal. A bit confused my speedplay pedal had pulled off the base plate. I had figured the screws were toast. Well after looking at it some more the base plate had jettisoned its bolts that hold the cleat in place. Problem. 
We stopped at the Pagoda while I called every bike shop in a 10 mile radius. The 2 that were open didn't carry speedplay. Pretty sure one of them was amish. Steph tried to get me to HTFU and press on... I rode for another  60 minutes with 1.5 legs. I basically had to forget how to pedal properly and only use my right leg to push down. Momentary lapses in concentration yielded much cursing. At the food stop my teammate who was suffering all day decided it was time to head back. I volunteered to take him home. For the next hour I plodded along, Craig in tow, slipping my pedal, hoping my craptacular sense of direction would get us back to Pottstown.
We were both miserable and it hit me. Craig was having a really off day. I had 1.5 legs. We still managed to ride 3.5 hours. 
Lets just say the beer at Wegmans on the drive home never tasted so good. 
Note the missing threads on the left...

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JOhnny ShOx said...

I think Speedplay is not the company it used to be. I had a set of Frogs for years and when I bought a second set recently I noticed a few differences in design and, apparently, quality. The cleats wore way faster and one of the pedals self destructed. Got a warranty replacement and that one also self destructed. It's a shame because I think the design is superior to all other MTB pedals. Thinking of going to Crank Brothers now.