Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Team News

Lots of team news around here.

Philadelphia Ciclismo has some great things planned for 2011. Staying with us are the one and only Cadence Cycling & Multisport. Cadence has been a great service course for us since the teams inception 6 years ago. The retail staff, coaches, and mechanics are always there to help us out when we are in need... and we need often.
New for this season we will have Cannondale and SRAM supplying us with bikes and parts. The road team will be aboard shiny new CAAD 10 framesets. As the frames and bits start to trickle in you'll hear more about this, but we are super excited in the mean time. New kits coming soon too... Bananas.

On the mountain bike side of things, I have a new team. I am riding for the Trans-Sylvania Team for 2011. This is a new team with a goal of promoting the Trans-Sylvania Epic MTB stage race and the Outdoor Experience Organization. For me its a great opportunity to work a little more with my coach, Mike Kuhn, his counterpart Ray Adams, and put in some work to improve an already great race. So far Cannondale and have come through with sponsorship for the team. Once again I am super excited to be a part of this project. 

Lauren also has a new team for 2011. She will be riding for Cannondale/Cadence Womens Racing. 4 years ago Lauren had never really ridden a bike... now after having raced a full season of CX, podiumed a criterium, and countless throw downs on training rides and the area training races, she's a member of a very legit women's race squad. Not a club, not a charity ride squad, a freaking full blown race team. I am so proud.  


dicky said...

I musta got passed over for you on that one.

Mike said...

Dicky, you transcend teams. You belong to all of them without being on any of them. I mean The Dicky its pretty much its own entity.

Christopher said...

Dude, is that my 58cm Caad10 in the picture? Will a frame pump fit?