Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas Cross at Belmont and Bilenky Junkyard Cross. The Definition of Bananas.

My proper cyclocross season has been over for some time now. This does not mean however that my cx bike is in hibernation for the winter.
According to my sister, Emily,this weekend can be most accurately described as "The definition of BANANAS"
For those of you that talk to me on GChat. You know I have been quick to call a few things (fried turkey, shotguns, strippers, dirt roads, watermelon, etc.) Bananas over the last few weeks... but this weekend, was truly it.
First there was a little "race" in the Belmont. (It couldn't really be called a race due to the city of brotherly love demanding an exorbitant deposit to use a park mostly inhabited by car thieves, hookers, and drug dealers). Anyways. There were numbers, there were bicycles, there was course tape. It was a race.
We built a jump made of rusted out metal sheets. We set things on fire. Greg ate a cheeseburger during his race. It was fantastic.
I had no legs. After one lap I resorted to drinking stout for the duration of my time in the woods. Captain Lawrence Espresso Stout makes great bike fuel. Gerry beat me. Dan Action beat me. Chab beat me. It was ok. was not recording results, my points are safe. 
Greg managed to crash riding up hill with a growler of Captain Lawrence Double IPA in his hand. The growler exploded upon connection with the ground... and Greg didn't get up for a few minutes, which worked out well because I was able to take his phone and get a picture.

Lauren faired a little better. She overcame a pre race anxiety attack, (Lauren doesn't like rocks and logs) to take 2nd place in the womens race.
Photo: Ann 'Rock
Bilenky. A frame builder that shares some space with a junkyard. In the hood. Ok. Perfect spot for a bike race.
Once again there were numbers, there was beer, there was course tape. Officially enough to call it cyclocross. I think the UCI would have taken issue with the glass everywhere, the really scary flyover, the !@#$ING teeter totter,  oil slicks and cars lining the course but forget them.
Lauren once again manned up and raced despite forgetting the last time she actually had a tetanus shot. She seemed to be smiling a lot... probably because she knew we had beer in the car. 
Photo Jeff Appeltan
Greg took 2nd in the B race, which is phenomenal because he doesn't train. At all. That and he gets mechanicals all the time, and while riding on broken glass, some may say you are more likely to flat out.
Photo Jeff Appeltan
I toed the line in the A race and managed to take 4th. More impressively I didn't die despite many close calls with gravel, trucks, sliding dismounts, and course steaks and Gerry "Ice Cream" Adasavage.
Photo: Jeff Appelton
Dan Action going a little too RAD. Photo Jeff Appelton
 I avoided the teeter, instead electing to tokyo drift around the cut through and nearly take out some spectators. Sorry for being too EXTREME. 

Check out this video from

Bilenky Junkyard Cyclocross 2010 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

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Joey said...

You bailed out on the teeter??? So dissapointed in you right now.