Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Festive 500

Due to my overwhelming abundance of free time on my hands these days, I have decided to take part in the Rapha Festive 500. This post will document my attempt. We will start in Ebony, VA where My wife and I were visiting her family for Christmas. Totals: 392.59 km / 243.96 miles End Result. Fell a little short due to the snow and travel. Still got in some great rides though! 

Ride 1: Solo base miles. 
Weather: 37 to 45 degrees F. Mostly cloudy, light wind. 
91.47 miles/ 147.2 km in 5:14:07 ~2000ft climbing.

Ride 2: Recovery paced ride with wife
Weather: 40 to 45 degrees, 20mph winds. Sunny
30.52 miles / 49.11 km. 800 ft climbing.

Ride 3: Xmas Ride with LaurenWeather: 30 to 35 degrees, 5 mph winds. Cloudy
18.19 miles / 29.27 km. 

After Ride 3, things went a bit haywire...

Ride 4: Trying not to crash in the snow and poorly plowed road. 23mm tires stick to ice better than you would think. 
Weather: 25 to 30 degrees, 20mph winds. Sunny
25.61 miles / 41.12 km. 400 ft climbing.

Ride 5: Solo Base Miles: Back in PA.
Weather: 35 to 40 degrees, 5 mph winds. Sunny
47.16 miles / 74.03 km. 2000 ft climbing

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