Monday, November 8, 2010

Spring Mount CX (Crossasaurus Awesome)

Once a year the Crossasaurus Awesome comes out of extinction (yes thats possible) and stomps onto the grounds of Upper Salford Park in Schwenksville, PA to serve up the only thing the Crossasaurus was born to do. Fun. If you were there, you know all about it, but if you missed out... we'll break it down for you in this post.

This was my first time really promoting a race. I helped out at Liberty Crit but this was 10x more to do than the crit. It was all worth it though, it was as fun to help out as it was to race flounder around the course.

There was SAND! Here is Dan Lavelle riding the upside of the pit.
 There were destroyed bicycles! Here is Greg Camia's g'ed up ride.
 There was SABOTAGE! Here is Craig Lebair doing what he does best. Dirt Naps.
There were prizes (Captain Lawrence Beer, Liquor Gift Baskets, Swag from Cadence, Kale.)
Photo Stephan Kincaid
 More Teammate Sabotage. Here is an attempt to likely kill Craig.
 There were PUFFY COATS. And KALE! Greg and Michelle modeling each. Greg also likes this song.

The racing was good. Turn out was huge, Bells and Bones canvassed the park. Lauren rode to a 10th place finish in the Womens open race. She was riding a bit out of her normal abilities for the first half of the race before being forced to settle in. I was really impressed how stong and smooth she looked. 
Photo Chris Stine
Clearly shes learning from all of the little errors and correcting them as the season winds through. Her performance is even more impressive since she was helping serve food all morning prior to her race!
Photo Stephan Kincaid

I don't know what is happening in this picture. All I know was that for 24 hours I had the creepiest facial hair ever.
Photo Stephan Kincaid
The Mens Elite race was really two races, THE RACE... meaning Minturn, Yozell, Dewald, Adams, Dan... and then the other race. My teammates, Gerry, Steven, anyone who helped out.
Photo Stephan Kincaid
The gun went off and I settled in with Steve chasing Willhem. Everything was good for 30 minutes. We were crusing around enjoying getting heckled. I followed my definition of insanity rule and tried to ride the sand even though I only made it 2 out of 230 times. Around 30 minutes into the hour race Steve and Willhem got a gap on me. I tried to ride smooth and keep it constant.
At 40 minutes I knew something was wrong. I started to feel like I was going to bonk. I went into deny it at first but by 45 minutes I was shutting down. My HR dropped 40 beats. I couldnt surge, and I just tried to keep from imploding. I knew I was going slower but I had a good gap back to Matt Harris entering the field. By the pit Matt had caught me. This was actually good news, because it was a teammate and he came baring news that Minturn was on his way to lapping me, this ending my race a lap short. I literally had to walk the barriers as John went though. What happened? I ate breakfast at 6:30 am. I maybe consumed 300 calories from that point onward. By the time we raced at 2:30pm I was lining up for trouble. Take a look at the file below.

After inhaling by my estimates a pound of pasta salad, I felt somewhat human again. Just in time to risk life and limb tearing down the course! Its a good day when MAC rivals and nemisisiesisis can work together. One step closer to world peace.
Photo Stephan Kincaid
Thank you to all that came out and raced/heckled/imbibed/ate/froze your asses off. We hope you'll return for next years return of the Crossasaurus. Thank you to all of our great sponsors, my teammates, and friends.


Anonymous said...

Freddy Mercury called - he wants his facial hair back...

Mike said...

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

Marten said...

Good race guys, loved the chili. We'll be back next year after this ice age.

Anonymous said...

That chili was dope.
Next year you should pay that cool guy who made it.