Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MAC HPCX Cyclocross

Cycling has an ebb and a flow. I was hoping I could stay on the high side of the wave one more day. Lauren was hoping to get back on the sunny side after two consecutive weeks of tough Saturday races.
Early on Lauren was killing it even with a sore knee from yesterdays crash. The course had a lot of corners where if you weren't careful, you could overshoot them or worse put yourself on the ground. Early on Lauren solidified a spot in the top 20, chasing a good set of riders right in front of her. I had been breaking my strict "no trainer on the weekend" policy to warmup under the tent with teammates watching the race. All of a sudden Lauren had slipped back a bit. She yelled that she needed a pit "Rear wheel" was all I heard... instantly hopped off the trainer and pulled my best gazelle move over some picnic tables much to the enjoyment of my teammates still warming up. I met up with Laur in the pit a for a quick fix.
I got the new wheel in but the chain kept going into the spokes. Lauren told me she had crashed into a tree and her bike was making a "horrible noise" I probed a bit more and struggled with the rear brake on her bike. Time was pouring away. Arriving at the realization Lauren did not have a flat like I thought, I went back to her normal wheel. The rear derailuer hanger ended up being bent in a bit and the noise was her cage hitting the spokes when she was in her big gear. I bent it back out... a 5 second fix ended up taking minutes. Lauren now in tears... I'm all pissed off... blah. I looked at her and said "What do you want to do?" Others in the pit encouraged her to keep racing, which I was very appreciative of. I gave her a hug and sent her on her way. She finished... 20 spots back from where she had the ability to finish... but she gained more experience which although less impressive short term will pay off long term.

My race... went bad in the first 15 seconds. I got a great jump off the line and sat down after my initial burst. Something happened and 10 people went by me before I hit the the holeshot. All of my rivals were several spots in front of me. Uh oh. Charlie from Rutgers team and I exchanged elbows in more the a few corners fighting to move up in the group. I worked hard on lap one and by the barriers on lap two I was third wheel behind Steven and Tom.
Photo: Dennis Smith

Then I crashed. Suddenly. Total Dirt Nap. Entering a sweeping high speed left turn before the barriers I was braking a little more than I should have been. The front wheel shuttered under the load and washed out violently. I was instantly ejected. My glasses flew off my face as my head, shoulder, hip and knee dug in. I am not sure who was immediately behind me at the time but thank you for not running me or any of my belongings I left spread out on the course.
I popped up, picked up my yard sale (nobody bought anything) and made some repairs to my shifters which were all pushed in on the run over the barriers. Hurting and back 10 spots I sat in for a minute trying not to panic as the race pulled away. Harris and Craig were close by as I started to ride back to the front.
Somewhere before 3 laps to go the pain and efforts added up. I started backsliding as racers, mostly ones absent from Beacon, started flying by. I linked up with Gerry, who had not had his ice cream. It was funny. Cameron Dodge from Scott blew by me, and I couldn't even think of responding, but when Gerry would get close to overtaking me I would throw whatever I had at him. I suppose being nemesis will do that.
Fast forwarding through me fighting with my cuts, Gerry, and my pulsing brakes for 2 more laps, I was in 7th. Gerry was the only one who could pass me at this point. Sadly there was a group of Ordons, Brown, Dodge, and 2 others 20 seconds ahead that I just didn't have the legs to bridge on to. Gerry and I traded efforts all the way until the last climb. Thankfully I got the edge and was able to keep him behind me. 
Tough race. Course was great. It should have been a place for me to excel with the climbing and difficult corners, but such was not the case. 

A little rant now. Afterwards we headed to my teammate Art Gorka's house. Being Halloween, trick or treaters showed up. Gorka with the expectation he had too much candy started giving each of the 7 yr olds like 10 Reese's peanut butter cups each, right until one little girl said "I don't like Reese's. What else do you have?" I'll tell you what else I have you spoiled little brat... What the hell is wrong with children? Even if you have no taste in candy, i.e. don't like Reese's, that stuff is like gold. You can trade a Reese's for anything. Rude and stupid, the killer combination. 

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