Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whoooa Whooaa Whoooaaa Who the hell thought they could move Southampton to Nassau County?

Updated 10/29/10
Seems like some of the answers are here: Cyclocross Mag.
Its a shame such a great event lost its NACT date and UCI status. 

No not moving the actual city, moving a city would be a lot of work. No, no, I am talking about the venue of one of the coolest cross races out there. It seems as though the promoters lost the venue. There is a lot of speculation as to what happened. I will stay out of the calling people out/rumor mill and focus on the race itself...
For whatever reason this year, instead of getting a nice mini vacation in Southampton, NY, drinking beers with the best and brightest stars of the cross community at the Southampton Brewery... you will get to stand around on what is mostly a golf course and hope the stereo isn't being stolen out of your car. Last year did you enjoy beautiful scenery on your drive to the race from your hotel? Instead you get to navigate around urban sprawl. The best part is the majority of you will all need hotels too, so instead of enjoying the off season rates at some decent places in the Hamptons, (Our team had planned to rent a giantic house for like 20)... you get to stay in a chain hotel or a shit hole and spend the same amount of money.

Lets compare. Image 1. The NEW Venue: A golf course in what is basically an extension of Queens.

Image 2: The Old Venue: A youth services park out in lovely Southampton
Myles. Say its a big joke? Say its really going to be in Southampton. I love MAC points as much as the next guy but as they say on Monday Night Countdown..."C'mon MAN"

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