Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Nov 7th Spring Mount Cross. PACX Series. 
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So why should you go? 
Crossasaurus Awesome Single Speed race for Liquid Prizes. Bring anything with 1 gear (MTB's or your kid's big wheel are ok) You can race this for $5 is you raced earlier in the day.
The Elite Race... You will get you beat up on some very tired Ciclismo riders who have been setting up a course for house on end, me being one of them
The Medals/Awards... I can't give it away but they care cool. Swag From Clean Bottle, Captain Lawrence Brewing, and Cadence.
There is no MAC race that day (the day before is Fair Hill)
The venue/ course. The town park we hold the race at offers a lot of nice terrain for a cx course. The course will be a little different, (better) than last years race. 
Go Reg....

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