Monday, September 27, 2010

Misfit Invades Roadie Land.

I went here for a few days...
And when I came back, Misfit Psycles delivered. You may remember I won a a Dissent ALc Frame for writing a simple one liner on why I deserved the frame. It went a little something like "I deserve the SS frame because I am a roadie POS who needs a METAL frame to HTFU."
Well the Canadians finally came through with the frame. It is sick. Its black on black. Its Metal. Its going to be a monster truck. I'm pretty sure I can hear the rocks at French Creek crying. It is by far the most bad ass thing I own, so Peter and company, thanks for frame I will put it to good use.
The fun doesn't stop there: Included in the box were these two items.

Let the act of HTFU commence.

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dougyfresh said...


Cant wait to see it built up.