Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MAC Charm City Day 2 (The Hindenburg Disaster v. 2010)

First off we made it through the night despite against better judgement walking to dinner while a police helicopter circled overhead and a late night trip to the hotel bar for a night cap. There were thoughts of walking down to the bar filler with Ruff Ryders rocking our skin suits, but logic prevailed.

We'll get to the blimp. I promise but first we have serious business to discuss. Lauren decided to race her first double header roughly 90 minutes before the start on day 2. Perhaps inspired by the 26th anniversary of her entrance into the world. Perhaps because we told her to "Do it if you want to race" 52 times that morning. Lining up dead last due to her Day of Registration staging, she worked all race and picked back a number of spots pretty early. A little tumble in the sand pit set her back a bit (if anyone has photo evidence of this please contact me) but she worked hard and finished in the 20's again in only her 3rd cross race ever. Once again I am super proud of her. Here she is  on the far left mean mugging the other girls. BAM.

Ok Blimp time.
I felt great warming up. I had planned to correct some of the mistakes I made on Saturday (not suck at the start) and hoped to come out on top and maintain the leaders jersey. Steven and I were technically tied at this point with 65 points each, but since I had the jersey I would retain it until somebody surpassed me in points. Cool, Orange Target on back round two.
The Start went awesome. I had the holeshot then purposely let 1 or 2 wheels come around. I never slid back worse than 5th or so. and had a nice train that quickly put a gap on the rest of the race. The day was looking more and more like Saturday's race but with me in proper position and not suffering physically. Everything was rainbows and unicorns. I was riding well, getting revenge on the sand pit(s), and the legs did not need to be told to shut up yet. 
Photo Credit pbase.com/dens
With 2.5 laps remaining I moved up. I was 3rd wheel and then I saw a quick chance to make it to the front. I made the move and was now leading. I controlled the pace for about half a lap but had done a lot of work to move up.
On the road section entering 2 laps to go Kurt "Where the hell did he come from?" Wolfgang attacked hard. Fred "I still don't have a nickname for Fred" Brown and I were the first to cover it. By cover I mean kinda cover. It was a pretty good attack.
I never made it across and slid back to 4th or 5th. Ice Cream Gerry getting by me. I was sitting 6th with Tom from C3 right on my wheel. I figured if I could keep him behind me I could hold on to 6th despite some seriously non responsive legs. With half a lap left we hit the stairs. I fubbed it and nearly ran into a lapped rider I was so cross eyed. Tom got around me and I didn't have enough gas to stick to his wheel. It looked like this:

It really just looked like this: In the distance you can see the race getting away from me.

Forgot where this one came from, if its yours, thanks.
I rolled it in for 7th place, Steven ended up 4th but it didnt matter, he was ahead of me and the leaders jersey would now be his. As I crossed the line I waved goodbye and pointed to my target. I got a laugh out of it from the crowd which made it a little better.
In the end Balti-less was good to us. C3 put on a great race and the course was interesting both days. Craiger had some bad luck running over a broken 40oz bottle (my estimate of what happened) and flatted out on day 2 but that was the worst thing that happened all weekend.
I'm checking out for a few days. When I get back from vacation I will have a very Metal Misfit Psycles 29er frame waiting for me. Cannot wait to HTFU on it. Have fun at MAC Whirly Bird!

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