Sunday, August 29, 2010

What the hell is wrong with people?

Double header ranting for my blog patrons today... enjoy.

As many of you in Philly may have heard, Neighborhood Bike Works, a Non Profit Organization that helps intercity youth through cycling has been evicted from their location in a church in University City...
The reason for the eviction... well it seems the building is not zoned for a "repair shop". Perhaps they should come to my guest bedroom and issue be a citation for the 7 bikes, repair stand, and pile of Park Tools... obviously my condo is not zoned to be a repair shop. I therefore must be in violation.
Here is what NBW had to say.

"Neighborhood Bike Works is appealing a recent denial of a Certificate of Occupancy by Licenses and Inspections for our headquarters location in the basement of St Mary’s Parish Hall, 3916 Locust Walk on the University of Pennsylvania campus.
While we are hopeful that the appeal will be granted given the community support that we already enjoy, having the local cycling community sign a petition asking for a variance would also be very helpful. To help NBW, please click here to complete the petition of support. This is especially useful if you live in University City/West Philly"

The point here is the government in Philadelphia is getting ridiculous. A city so broke its hunting for cash by shaking down NPO's for permit costs. Do you think anyone in the area really cares if somebody sits in a church and wrenches on bikes? Is that a disturbance to the residents of the city? No. Its all about money. You can help NBW by hitting up their website and signing their petition.

Then there is Millersburg. My teammate was issued tickets for Public Nuisance, Disorderly Conduct, and Resititution for his collision with a pickup truck moments before the start of Stage 3 of the Tour de Millersburg. I am sure this will turn into a court case so I will be light on the commentary here, but honestly... who in their right mind writes a significant amount of tickets to a person who was last seen laying in the middle of the street bleeding from the head? I guess that was the Public Nuisance part. I hate to be trite but it sounds like the all to familiar stereotype of the local, small town cop trying to prove a point. To me the actions of the officer were lacking this all to important skill.


Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

double trouble.

not rants. Logic. It's awesome when someone makes a point using it.


Eganski said...

That's some repugnant shit right there.

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