Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MASS Guy's Neshaminy XC

I love this course. Described as a big chunk of Belmont (fast twisty with logs) with a little Wissahickon (rocks wider trail) in the back. The start list was pretty stacked and it the heat was on full blast with humidity and high temps.
I had a bit of an off day. I had good legs off the start, and was having a lot of fun flying in and out of the trees with a large group following suit. I couldn't believe how dry it was. Off the start plumes of dust followed behind the heats as they left.
By the time I came out of the prologue I still felt really good. Entering the first lap, I railed a few of the burned corners, hit the drop offs and was riding well. Then something happened. At around 30 minutes I had to back it off. I just wasn't feeling right and people were flying around me. It took me another 30 minutes again to even feel like i could push. My legs finally returned and I was able to actually "race" for the first time in a few weeks. I actually felt like myself the last 15 minutes of the lap when a rider bridged up to me and I was forced to attack to save my not so good 17th placing and payoff.
Lauren was there with a few of my teammates to cheer and provide bottle hand ups. Matt Harris took some of these sweet photos.
After the race I was pretty messed up. The heat won the battle of sweating vs hydration and I had a fine layer of silt covering pretty much everything.
After waiting around for awards and having a great time catching up with my teammates and fellow racers. Teammates Jamie and Darrin went 1-2 in their respective first mass start mtb races, and future cross teammate Stephan overcame a very spectacular early crash to come back and at very least, finish ahead of me.
I think this will be the last mtb race of the year for me. I have two road stage races coming up to round out the month, and then the fun begins. Cyclocross is approaching quickly!

Afterwards I did the most PRO thing you can do after a bike race. I went to Cracker Barrel and took on 4000 calories of fried chicken.

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