Monday, August 2, 2010

Bear Creek Revelations, Random News.

This entry could have easily turned into a rant, but I will do my best to stay away from that end of the spectrum report on some key findings from the race. We'll do this talking point style.

I finished. For the first time in my 4 attempts I finished the race and didnt drop out after a lap for whatever reason.

USAC races in the Mid Atlantic are rare, this is due to the MASS Series stranglehold on the mtb scene... which in my opinion is a good stranglehold. The attendance at this race was mediocre at best. We'll dig into why as we go. But part of it has to be the lack of USAC license holders who race MASS. You have guys who race (well in Elite (open) MASS races but hold Cat 2 (Sport) licenses... and therefore didn't even race.

The course. Every year I grow up a bit. 2 years ago I flat out blamed the promoters for being insane. The course was dangerously close to crossing the "difficult" line to the "flat out stupid arena". Last year my self induced DNF resulted in a bike throw... not the most mature reaction ever to a bad race... This year while I maintained I dislike Bear Creek in its entirety I cant blame anyone but myself. I am simply not the type of ride that likes riding the rocks. My chances of success are also greatly proportional to the amount of time spent pedaling on the course... and there were large sums of time where I was bouncing down hills, not on the gas. This place is simply not for riders like me. Others excel in these scenarios and I hand it to those guys.

My Legs. They were there, and then they left. and then they came back, and then I crashed. When I crashed the only thing that broke more than my front brake rotor was my motivation. I am learning that if I am not motivated to race, its hard for me to fake it to the point where I am successful. Racing PRO/Elite is hard. While I do think I have some talent, it is the result of the synergy of a few key variables. When one of those variables, in this case the motivation flees for the day, sometimes the other parts just aren't good enough by themselves to produce a good result.

The Promoters: Despite my personal issues with the race. The promoters were top notch. The race was well run, and you could tell that there had been a lot of hard work put into the course, despite my personal opinion of it. Its somebody's baby, and I wont be the one to call it ugly. Also despite the attendance the PRO payout was ridiculously good.

My Teammates: Killed it. Craig and Scott both had good rides and it was nice to see our guys come out to kill it on the mtb scene.

Picture time.
Unhappy at the start?

Unhappy on the course. (Photo @

Unhappy Skies.
Unhappy at the finish.
Craig also unhappy
Happy with beer an envelope full of cash.

In other news check out the new issue of XXC Mag. Why? Well there are a lot of reasons...
A) it rocks. Not rocks like Bear Creek, the other kind.
B) A.E.Landes Pictures are sick.
C) Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic is too much fun
D) There is the best picture of me on a bicycle ever taken in it, and it takes up an entire page.
Go see.


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