Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Tale of Two Virginias

We spent Forth of July with Lauren's family in Virgina. It was super hot and equally dry, leaving my usual routes of dirt roads less than fun to ride. This tale was filled with long rides in 100 degree heat with absolutely no elevation changes at all... save the ride up this dam. For every calorie I burned I think I put back 2 in delicious bad for you southern food.
On the way home Lauren and I stopped in the mountains and spent some time on the Blue Ridge. This Tale provided us with longer 6 to 7% grades, and a nice sweet 3 miles at 12% up to a ski resort where they were serving cokes and animal crackers. 

Whatever you do dont stay here.


Sean said...


I think Virgina is spelled Virginia. Freudian slip?

Mike said...

To make it worse that is the 2nd time I made that mistake in a week...