Sunday, May 9, 2010

MASS French Creek

Now we all know it, mountain biking would be so much better without these: Baby Head Sized Rocks. I realize that's kind of a sick term, but google it, and I can assure you it is a legit piece of terminology. Ok so the rocks. I dislike them, my bike isn't the best tool for tackling them, and the sidewalls of my tires have a propensity for ripping open on them. So how do we address this little problem? Easy, go to a race called "On the Rocks at French Creek".
I figured the chances of me actually finishing with air in my tires were so low, I actually carried a spare tube with me at this race, which is something I typically do not do. I figure if I flatted, enough people would have also DNFed out and at least if I got a ride in on, I would gain some confidence on the terrain and maybe make it into the MASS payout.
I did not feel good at all warming up, my legs felt pretty stale from Great Valley on Thursday night still. For the fist 25 minutes of the race, and most of the first climb I was riding pretty poorly. After about 30 minutes though the lights came back on and I was able to ride back up a bit.I was gaining some confidence on the descents and passing riders who either were suffering or had mechanicals.
The course had a lot of climbing. My data shows roughly 1500 ft a lap. The terrain in some spots however was so rough I couldn't get all of my power down on the climbs. While not my ideal terrain, and my joke of "only having fun for three minutes a lap" on the fast smooth parts atop the last climb, I am glad I did the race. I actually pushed a bit on the last descent and made it down a hell of a lot faster than lap 1. I ended up 12th on the day.
Back tracking a bit our team finally got our new kits. I think they are quite sweet. Note the Bell 'n Bones on the left leg.
 Back tracking even more I had to navigate through the city of brotherly oh my god I am going to get mugged love to get my kit... He doesnt live here, but um yeah.
On a not so ghetto note: This badass has been doing hill repeats... look out.

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