Monday, April 19, 2010

Lower Providence: The Day of 240 Right Turns

I will be quick to point out I raced Battenkill last weekend. This weekend we traveled to the other end of the mass start road racing spectrum and toed the line at a classic 4 corner criterium, alla NASCAR on bikes.
Before I get to my race(s) lets talk about Lauren. Lauren took a hard earned 7th place in a field sprint in the woman's Cat 4 race, her second race ever. For this she was awarded 25 american dollars worth of coffee. The quote of the day from Laur was "Mike, thanks for making me hurt all the time on my bike, because it makes you fast" Look out ladies.
On to the Mens 3/4 Race. Philadelphia Ciclismo toed the line with a strong team of 7. There were a few other sizable teams in the race and we were excited to throw down. The race saw an early break away go free somewhere before lap 5 of 25. Realizing our team was not represented in the break we began to chase, and chase, and chase. Credit to those in the break as they were able to stay out for some time despite my flogging myself at the front for lengths of time that seemed measurable by a sun dial. My teammates, specifically the "Bash Brothers" Matt and Jamie Harris helped aide in the chasing while Dan Lavelle aboard some disgustingly deep ZIPP 808's animated the front of the race so much Bugs Bunny would have been jealous.

At think at one point during the race my power meter flashed "WTF" in the watts column. Maybe. Needless to say all of the killing ourselves did bring back the move a bit, but time was running out.

Our protected rider Chris made a tactically astute move and successfully solo bridged up to the break after we got it close enough. unfortunetly the move he fought so hard to get into disintegrated with less than a lap to go. We were left without a card to play going into the finale. Totals: 100 right turns. 1 avoided crash. I shoe cover ripped by a curb avoiding said crash. Lots of hard work. Normalized wattage turned out to be about 1 hour at threashold, which by definition, is as hard as you can go.

90 minutes later it was time for the Mens P/1/2/3.
Dan and I doubled up to give our Cat 2 Sprinter Craig some help in the elite race. I wasn't much help to Craig as moving up and down the field proved to be rather difficult in the gusty winds and 27mph avg pace. Dan was a little better positioned, but props to Craig for lingering at or around the front for the entirety of the 35 hours laps. This guy ended up winning, which was really not a surprise. I didnt get crushed, I didn't crash. I racked up the Training Stress. Success. 140 right turns.

Sponsor Thank You Notes:
This was my first race on the Rev 50x's I had Cadence glue some new tubies on. I had never road raced carbon tubies, but yeah, it was fun. Bike felt like a rocket ship. I also downed about 45 Honey Stinger Gels during the day, which kept me bonk free.
Bam Carbon wheels.

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