Saturday, April 24, 2010

File Under: Pretending It Didn't Happen, Farmersville Road Race

Despite the pancake flat course profile I headed out to Ephrata (the land of my least favorite race in the universe) to do some good ol fashioned Lancaster area road racing. I signed up for the Cat 2/3 race and forked over my 39 dollar regs fee, 3 dollar USAC Insurance Surcharge, and 5 bucks to Having know I just paid the better part of 50 American dollars to race on roads as wide as the bike path I would likely made different plans. Onward. After some time standing around on the start grid we were off. I had a great front of the race position with my two other teammates Chris and Dave. In roughly 5 minutes I was in the last row. Now before I go blaming my legs for failing me, they were fine. I actually felt good. What I couldn't tolerate were the sketchy borderline crazy pack riding skills of the other 60 or so dudes that got out of bed on April 24th. I was literally in the right gutter being passed by a line of other riders even further in the gutter than I was. If you let a wheel legth gap open on the rider in front of you, you were immediately pushed out of the way and your wheel was taken.

Now, shame on my for lacking the killer instinct on this given morning. but hey everyone has their off days.

I rarely call out promoters for things, but PRO-AM CYCLING. the yellow line rule on this course was insane. I've ridden mountain bike trails wider than the ridable lines on parts of the course. I understand the limitation on width adds a certain technical element to the race, but theres a fine line between technical and sketchy and this lowly Cat 3 drew the line at a lap and headed for the car.

My Teammates pressed on without me and Chris grabbed an impressive top 20.

Next week Turkey Hill (with no yellow line rule and gasp a couple of hills) and my MTB season debut at Granogue.


Marten said...

Agreed. The other Pro-Am race I did last year, Strasburg, was even worse. Plus it had a down hill finish with a tight 90 degree chicane in the last 200m.

Did you hear that the AllThatIsGood races have had their USA Cyling license revoked? Takes out Mt. Nebo and the other hilly road races. That doesn't leave much for eastern PA RR.

When does the cross season start?

Mike said...

Marten, Where did you hear got their permits pulled? That would explain why they have been canceling every race...
Turkey Hill has a permit thankfully, I do not see one for Nebo though... bummer.
good to see you out there today.

Marten said...

I heard the rumor from the District Velocity web site and confirmed with David Mitchell, president of PCA.

At least the weather held out yesterday, good luck at Turkey Hill this weekend.

John Cutler said...

Farmersville was really sobering for me personally. I too didn't think it was "hard" in a physical sense. Yet I had a damn hard time moving around.

The numbers were sobering ...

I drove back with someone from the winning team who launched a couple attacks and seemingly moved around at will in the field. I was hanging from the back, weigh 30lbs less, made no moves, and burned 100kj more during the race.

To quote: "I spent a little time in the back, and damn it was hard back there. It took me a lap and a half to move up, but it was much easier up there"

Gotta work on the skills. In a race like that I'd say they trump fitness.

Marten said...

Interesting, John.

As a point of reference, how many kJ of work did you do during the race?


Calvini said...

Exactly, Mike. That race took place on a sidewalk.

John Cutler said...

1720kj. I weight around 137. When my buddy tried to move to the front it took him 1.5 laps. And that is someone who knows what they're doing.

Greg said...

Anyone find any photo galleries of this race? trying to find a shot of the winner's victory salute.