Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Opposite of the Field Test

The opposite of a field test is pretty much what occurred this weekend. Saturday may or may have not been one of the better days of my life, and for that I will itemize it in a bulleted list summarizing the entire 24 hour period.
1) Wake up in Virginia after a long drive. Drink coffee and down a bowl of my new go to Cereal, Chocolate Cheerios
2) Go out for a 3.5 hour, 70 mile ride with no training objectives but to stay in zone 2 and work on my bike tan. No dog chase action. Plenty of dirt roads.
3) Complete ride with absence of warmers, jackets, fleece due to 70 degree weather and NO WIND.
4) Download power file while eating yet another bowl of Chocolate Cheerios.
5) Go for a ride on brother in law’s newly acquired Jet Boat with 1.5 working engines.
6) Shower up and go to
local winery to go wine tasting with family. Rosemont Winery was awesome and the Owner and wine maker were both very welcoming. The owner talked to me about bikes and has a vintage Colnago.
7) Go home and start cracking the beers. Captain Lawrence and some other crazy sour beers.
Get the genius idea to shoot a shotgun at broken jetskis left in the woods. 1970’s Korean 12 gauge to be exact. My shoulder will never be the same.
9) More beer.
10) 1.5lb porterhouse steak prepared by the one and only Greg ”Killer” Camia. I’m not even going to get into the sides because although delicious they don’t matter.
11) More beer. Some birthday cake.
12) Fall asleep on the couch sitting next to my wife watching TV, with laptop and open power file on lap. Woken up by my own snoring and laughing family and friends.
13) Wake up without hangover.

Bonus items include Chipotle and Bass Pro Shops on the way home. BPS is like an amusement park for rednecks. Place was insane. Played a hunting video game and although down at first defeated Greg at Ram hunting over the course of a 45 minute game. Set high score on 1/10 levels. Booyeah.

Aside from the shoulder vs. gun there was relatively no pain involved. Onward to Team Training Camp in WV and then… racing begins…Battenkill is very soon.

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