Friday, March 5, 2010

March Training Post

As Promised! Early Spring Training Post Template

Just a [quick but surprisingly detailed] update about how training is going this year, in case any of the [joke about small number couple hundred of readers] care. This week I've done [15 hours 30 hours] in the saddle, [getting up at 4 am returning after 8pm] each time. It's been pretty chilly out there-- 5 below [celsius fahrenheit] when I [started finished] yesterday, but I'm toughing it out because [I'm better than you
I'm better than most people I want to burn out by June]. This past weekend I rode [50 100 200] [yards km miles] with [link to someone] and it was [a beautiful day an epic death ride] -- so much better than the [big number lie (200)] hours I spent on [rollers the trainer] back in February!
[Artsy picture taken while riding Picture of you in front of a snowbank]
I was [comparing falsifying] my training log against last year's and it looks like I'm [up 20 hours
putting out 5% more watts] over last year at the same date. Things are going pretty well, but I need them to go even better to attain my lofty goal of [upgrading to a higher category sandbagging the crap out of my current category]. Plus, my weight is down to [low number 154] from its peak of [shockingly high number 159].
I've been logging all the miles on my winter bike, [nicer bike than your summer bike (Cervelo R3SL], but I can't wait for the roads to clear up so I can take the [stupid pet name for a bike friggin mountain bike] out and try my new [bike part(s) fork from PUSH] out. I picked up these [bike part(s) (Awesome FSA Carbon Tubualrs] from [my LBS ebay from Ryan Trebon] for $[low number Like nothing], because [my team deal is awesome it's frickin ebay He gets free stuff becaus ehe is a real PRO]. I promise a [full useless gratuitous] review on [bike part(s) (wheels)] soon!
Well, I'd love to keep writing about [how awesome I am boring shit], but I need to [get back to work get back on my bike unfreeze my junk] so that I can make my March training goal of [more hours than I'll ride in August (50)]. See you [out there behind me]!
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