Saturday, March 13, 2010

Early Spring Training Post Part Duex.

The fact that this post comes after the post making fun of training in the winter is pretty ironic. Today's weather consisted of pissing rain, 30mph winds and a grand total of 45 degrees. Now when your brain is programmed to think anything above 30 is good to go, 45 seems like a freaking heatwave. 45 soaking wet with no sun to warm you is worse than lets say a dry 25. The worst part is I already knew all of this. But still set out for a 3.5 hour ride most of which would be on dirt. A flat, a couple violent shakes, and just about all of the grease in every bearing on my bike later, I got my time in for the day.
Tomorrow I am doing a field test at the Endurance Sports Expo in Oaks, Pa. Cadence is putting on a seminar on power based testing so if you are up at the show, be sure to check it out. Joey Bruce is going to be up there doing the test too so be sure to heckle him as he attempts his first field test.

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Joey said...

I could have used the heckling. Would have made me think it was a cross race.