Monday, March 15, 2010

The Aforementioned Field Test.

Cooked. Maybe more like slow roasted. Next time you do a field test, crank the room up to 75 or 80 degrees and hit the lap button on your power meter and punch it. The feeling that follows is well, an interesting one. 75 degrees outside while moving is heavenly. I hope to partake in some of that in Virginia this weekend. 75 indoors with much less moving air around you is a recipe for overheating. Cadence was cool enough to let me play the role of lab rat for the seminar they were giving at the Endurance Sports Expo. The familiar faces of Brian, Colin, and Brady were all there to lecture the audience and set up the athletes on the computrainers for 20 minutes of full gas. Warming up, Brian lectured the audience about how heat will effect heart rate at a given effort, I quickly noticed I was 10 or so beats higher at an effort level than normal. Before I knew it, it was time to begin. I felt pretty good starting out and held a nice pace during the first 5 minutes, on par with what I did my last test. My plan was to start building the pace a bit sooner than before, thus yielding a higher result. That didn’t work out. At 7 minutes in my hr was well into the 190’s I was slumping, my avg power was dropping slowly. I was cursing my beard. The excess hair I so wonderfully enjoyed all winter felt like a wet dog… well yeah I’m going to stop that simile there.
10 minutes to go. Still dying 1000 deaths.
5 minutes to go and I try to salvage this thing. If I ramp now I know I can squeeze a few watts out. 15 seconds later I’m dying again. Brady takes note of my slumping numbers and encourages me as only a former coach can, my ignoring my wimpy claim of being at maximum and taking my towel and covering up my SRM.
4 minutes to go and now blind to the numbers. Probably a good thing. 90 seconds is a huge mental finish line for me. I know I can do 90 seconds of pretty much anything and it seemed like an eternity to get there.
Finally… we passed through 90 seconds and I pushed to the end of the effort.
Down to numbers…
194 avg hr, peaking at 203 bpm. Above 200 bpm for the entire last minute.
Heat is an ugly, ugly thing. Roughly a 5% lower test result than in more ideal temperatures, which is coincidentally what most agree to be pretty standard.
Here's a shot of Joey Bruce killing it. By 'it' I mean himself. Good first field test, his numbers didn't do his ability justice, he out-climbs me more times than my ego would like to admit. I think he may have puked in that trash bag???

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Joey said...

Thanks for not actually stating my piss poor numbers.